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Consultation with a Cause


Tenacious Star's mission is to build communities by helping nonprofits thrive. With you, we can create planning and management solutions that deliver the results you need. 


Terisa Buchanan, CNP, MNM, MBA

Meet the CEO

Terisa Buchanan is the President & CEO of Tenacious Star, LLC., founded in 2020. She works with nonprofit organizations to move forward to the next level by providing coaching and consultation services, designing programs or projects, and evaluating program performance.

She has over five years of non-profit experience in grant writing, project management, and strategic planning. Mrs. Buchanan currently serves as a Board Treasurer at Coweta Family Connection and an advisory board at Yeager Road Community Resource Center in Newnan. She previously served as a Board President at LaGrange – Troup County Homeless Coalition and a board member at Calumet Park Neighborhood Association in LaGrange. She has extensive experience in the Nonprofit management field. Serving with compassion, she also volunteers at the Sustainable Housing Task Force in Newnan.

Mrs. Buchanan has two Master's Degrees in Nonprofit Management and Business Administration from DePaul University and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Fu-Jen University. Recently, she received a Certified Nonprofit Professional credential from the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.